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Top RPG Podcasts List by Feedspot

Hey Dice Droppers,

Episode 3: “Panic! At The Disco (Part 1)” posted this afternoon! Be sure to check it out on your favorite directory or click the “Episodes” tab at the top of the page. Watch our heroes try to get some information at a lower district nightclub and try their hands at flirting…and failing miserably. I will delve deeper into the episode in my DM Notes post on Monday so check back in for that.

As you can tell from the title, we got some news this morning here at Dice Drop. The Panelists at Feedspot reviewed our submission for their site and listed us on their list of the Top Tabletop RPG Podcasts! We are at #50 on the list but are humbled to be recognized by Feedspot and featured on the list. If you would like to check out the list, you can at this link: Check out their comprehensive list for podcasts like ours.

We are humbled by being included on a list such as this so early in our career. We are proud of the podcast we have presented in the past two weeks, including today’s episode and we have more in store for you. Plans of suspense, twists, romance, and, of course, more comedy from the Dice Drop team. There are also plans for other projects in the works that we are working on for you to enjoy.

Let us know what you think of the podcast so far, what your favorite moment from the new episode is, or your favorite moment overall. Check out our latest episode and those you have missed by checking out the Episodes tab at the top of the screen. For news about upcoming projects, check out our social media pages accessible by clicking the corresponding icon at the top of the page.

Once again, I would like to thank the Panelists at Feedspot. And I would also like to thank you, readers and listeners, for your support so far and for your continued support as we go forward with the Podcast.

Your Dungeon Master,


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