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God Parent: Robanthus | Age: 23
Hair Color: White | Eye Color: Green

Height: 5'8" | Lives in the Domain of Resolution, Created in the Domain of Creation. 
Elf once fallen


Sarina (Ina)

God Parent: Alcinder | Age: 25
Hair Color: Red w/ White Streak
Eye Color: Her left eye is this bright blue, and her right eye is purple with a similar blue around the center.

Height: 5'10"
Lives in the Domain of Conflict
Elf once fallen

Serina_By_Ina_Koffen copy.png
Solas_Walcker copy.png

Solas Walcker

Parents: Lola Walcker
& Zaxtarous Walcker
Age: 25 | Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gold | 
Height: 5'3"
Lives on the bay side of Arona overlooking the shipyard, 3 blocks away from Walcker Antiquities
Half Elf, Half Rabbit Wild Folk
Degree: Godly Relics & History of the Citadel from Xiferon University


All these characters are fictional, and this page is to go along with the adventure on the podcast. this is all story-based and to have a good time. Thanks for listening and tuning in! 

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