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NOTE: The mutants seen on this page must be terminated upon contact. For they are extremely dangerous and can cause harm to any civilians they come in contact with. They will try to convince you that they are heroes and will save you from harm, however, think differently for they will cause harm as soon as the opportunity arises. These are our targets, and we must find them and capture them...For our great city and nation of Eden. 


Oswald Sliver

Age: 24  Birthday: April 25th
Eye Color: Electric blue  

Hair Color: Dark brown 

Open Mutant Oddity: Oddly bright eyes

Height: 5'9"

District: Middle

Oswald Sliver seems like a normal young adult male, except for his signature bright blue eyes he is from the Middle District of Eden. From what we know he can only comprehend animals, languages, and it seems he can communicate with technology. He is smart sly and can get himself out of most situations without any of his other teammates. He tends to always have a quick remark which can be either sarcastic or wise. Don't let this fool you, he is extremely dangerous. 


Remi Monet Lancaster

Age: 21  Birthday: May 25th
Eye Color: brown  

Hair Color: Light blonde

Open Mutant Oddity: none.

Height: 5'7"

District: Upper

Remi Monet Lancaster, daughter of missing scientist Augustus Quincy Lancaster, she is a pretty blonde whom one would think to be a harmless little girl from the Upper District of Eden. However do not be fooled, in recent events it has been found that this Upper District heiress is a mutant herself and is extremely dangerous. Its been found that she can control water, and other liquids to her whim and can and will use it on you. Be extremely cautious around her, she will act dumb and confused but she has the top marks at Adam and Eve University and can end you with a flick of her wrist.   



Age: 19  Birthday: August 22nd 
Eye Color: Violet 

Hair Color: Black, sometimes worn in dreads

Open Mutant Oddity: Violet eyes

Height: 5'2"

District: Lower

Real name is unknown, alias "River". "River" is from the Lower District of Eden, normally in these circumstances I would never ask anyone to step foot in that rubble. However this girl has an extremely mind-bending ability which makes it so she cannot live anymore.  She is small, quick, and extremely stealthy. She will be able to get away from you quickly and disappear, not only on foot but in a motorized vehicle as well. She is well known in the Lower District as one of the best street racers in their gangs. "River" is able to stretch her limbs in every which direction, the amount she is able to use this ability is unsure right now. But please keep in mind how dangerous this mutant is. She should not be living if found. Terminate on-site, with how annoying she is you might want to do it anyways. 


Michael Mailbu (Astoria)

Age: 24  Birthday: April 9th
Eye Color: brown  

Hair Color: brown
Open Mutant Oddity: none.
Height: 6'5"
District: Upper/Lower


Michael Mailbu is was a secret agent for Astoria Cybertechnology. His task was to watch over Joy Riveria Hadley to see if her healer abilities started up. He has a small robot that follows him around FR8K - FR8K is a low-powered communications/laser system that was picked up from a dumpster in the lower district. Malibu's position was compromised and the enemy took him. Teminate on-site. Do not hesitate, his mutant powers have just shown up and he has little control over them.

* all these characters are fictional, and this page is to go along with the adventure on the podcast. this is all story-based and to have a good time. Thanks for listening and tuning in, don't forget to look at our DM notes he posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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