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Where is Anchorage?!

Well, you can tell from our beautiful WORLD MAP MADE BY Maps N Quests or Mappy McMapface! You can follow him @n_quests on Twitter (or just hit the tag).

You can also join is Patreon >HERE< For amazing giant maps that you can play in YOUR campaigns at home.

Spoiler alert. I made Eden in Utah rather than Colorado. Because I'm stupid. I'm not changing it. I am not hot, not smart. - Allie

Welcome To

The Sanctum Conglomerate of the Sanitized/Sterilized Cities. (SCSC)

Dice Drop: Evolution World Map
The Sanctum Conglomerate of the Sanitized/Sterilized Cities. (SCSC)

As you can see Anchorage is in Washington State or what that area used to be called.

Where will the other NPC's go now that Peter went all out terrorist war criminal?

For a small spoiler, we have Kevin from Game Knight Heros joining us on a side quest adventure playing his character Simon along with Hood, and Rodney... and I few newcomers will have missions of their own to accomplish.

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