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Hey Friends, We're back at it again!

It's been QUITE a while since we were posting on here. Anyways it's you're favorite Game Goddess. If you haven't heard our new campaign will be coming out March, 23rd. SO SOON WE KNOW!

This next campaign will be using the AGE system presented by Green Ronin and we're focusing around Dragon Age and Fantasy Age 2e. Now that you have that information! I am going to drop some lore and a bunch of new world notes!

This next campaign Kyle will be playing Murphi and Zoe will be playing Sarina. These two characters are unique because they were both spawned into being by deities, gods and goddesses that rule over the actual world that they will be adventuring in "Zenall". They start at what we are calling "The Citadel" and this is where all the gods, deities and goddesses live to watch over their world of Zenall. You can read more about everything you need to know about the world in this BEAUTIFUL PDF I made for you that you call all download below!

Download PDF • 17.92MB

We made a lot of these choices on our live world-building streams with Green Ronin which you can watch here

And! We're going to be having a live Q&A and talking a bit more about the Campaign over at Green Ronin on the 24th! So we can't wait to see ya'll there!

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