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The Official Documents of Joy Rivera Hadley.

If you are here, you are caught up with the podcast. Welcome. If you are here and you have no idea what any of this is contextually please start at the beginning of the podcast, you can click here to start. (You may also click that button if you want to start over and listen again, please indulge)

Now that they are gone, episode 53, Gym Class Heroes comes with a few documents straight from Astoria Cybernetic Medical Technologies. Here, are those documents. Please use them to follow along with the episode. Thanks so much for listening...*

Download PDF • 507KB

*This is a fictional podcast, and this is used only for storytelling purposes. This is in no right a real child or has anything to do with day-to-day life.

Remember, while we love doing this for you the support is also welcomed in making these visual pieces for you from the podcast. If you would like to help support us you can check out our Ko-Fi or our Merch Store to help support us and the podcast. Thanks, friends!

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