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The Current State of Eden

Welcome back Dice Droppers!

We are only a week out from the launch of Dice Drop: Evolution. The cast of Dice Drop is hard at work during this crunch time to get you a podcast that we are proud of and that you will enjoy! We are proud of we have created in the past few weeks and look forward to sharing our podcast with the world.

But, as for right now, as promised I am hear to deliver a look into the current state of Eden as we see in the Podcast.

Now, the first episode shall serve as a generalized look at the history and current state of the City. If that is what you are looking for, check that out when it releases next week! But I am here to give you a deeper look into the districts as a whole, as well as the government and economy.

(Note: This is still a general overview, I will be diving deeper into each district as time goes on so stay tuned to the blog posts.)

Outer District

The outer sections of the city are reserved for agriculture. The outer districts are spread out for miles in every direction, all dedicated to farmland and cattle ranches that provide food for the city. The outer sections of the city are the primary reason for the city being completely self-sufficient. Many who live in the city’s lower district work in the outer district due to it being close to their homes, but there are also a few houses built for workers on the farms if they don’t desire to live within the limits of the city proper.

Toward the city limits, many warehouses and laboratories have been built to store food and for scientists to work outside the city limits. Many of the scientists who work in the outer districts work to improve productivity of the farmers and quality of the crops they produce. Although, large scale projects such us the floating estates were built in the outer limits.

Lower District

Once the primary housing district for the city of Eden, the lower district was nearly ravaged by the mutant threat. Once the threat was driven underground, many took advantage of the abandoned and broken-down buildings. At risk of the mutants returning, those who lived in the lower districts could live cheaply while also having access to work in the outer, lower and middle districts. Stores, clubs and bars opened to give those living in the district access to amenities and entertainment.

However, due to the risk of the lower district and damage to the electrical system, the economy of the higher districts would not be reliable. Residents of the lower district got around this by remaining using an archaic coin system of currency rather than the credit system which would prove unreliable to them. As such, the middle districts still accept the archaic system, through a conversion system to credits:

10 Copper coins = 1 silver coin

4 silver coins = 1 Gold coin

5 Gold Coins = 1 credit

The lower district has also become renowned for the rise of street gangs, brought on by the rise of speeder racing in the lower district. Speeder racing had been outlawed in the higher districts, but due to the lack of enforcement in the lower district, speeder racing grew in popularity, so long as the racers did not cross the border to the middle district.

The Lower District also brought together many cultures. As such, a slang language was created commonly known as lower-speak. Many of the street gangs use lower-speak when conversing around residents of the higher districts to intimidate them or to keep their conversations private.

Middle District

The Middle District was always the commerce district since it’s construction. By far the largest and most diverse district, the middle district comprises of many suspended balconies and walkways that lead to various different shops and residential buildings. Many specialized stores open their doors and tend to attract artists to share and sell their art.

The emergency services, being in a relatively centralized location, can also be found in the middle district. The expansive hospital and many private specialized medical practices can be found in the middle districts as well as the central fire and police hubs.

The education system also centralizes in the middle district. Three primary schools are scattered in the middle district to avoid over-crowding. In the center of the Middle district, on a large suspended platform, lies Adam and Eve University, a tuition-free institution that allows students to hone their abilities and crafts no matter what they are.

Due to the devastation of the lower-district, the middle district grew to also become a central residential district, mostly to those who want to be within walking distance of their favorite shops, the college, or their place of business.

Upper District

The upper district comprises of the top levels of skyscrapers, suspended platforms similar to the middle districts, as well as the floating estates owned by the older families and descendants of the original council.

The upper district is primarily a business district. You can find the government office such as those of the mayor and the central council. Also, the offices and laboratories of the top scientists who work on projects sanctioned by the governing body. You can also find the legal offices of prosecutors, lawyers and judges around the central courthouse.

The governing body of Eden comprises of two offices: The mayor and the council.

The mayor handles day-to-day decisions as well as has a temporary seat on the council during a crisis. However, any decision made by the mayor can be overturned by vote of the ten-member council comprised of the top scientists, architects and representatives from each district.


Well readers, I hope you enjoyed this look into the City of Eden before you dive in next Friday! We are working hard this week to put the finishing touches on the episodes being released.

For news and more information on the podcast, check out our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages using the links above, or stay tuned for the next blog post posting on Monday.

We look forward to introducing you further into the world of Eden and the characters who give it life on April 17th!

Your Dungeon Master,


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