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Hey Dice Droppers,

So, today marks one month since I started this blog. Looking back on what we have accomplished in the past month, I have a few things that I would like to share with all of you:

· I have hit a major milestone in writing a blog. I made it a full month

· We launched our podcast to a much larger success than we were expecting.

· We have a few loyal listeners across the country and around the world.

· We have almost reached one hundred downloads and are on track to hit that milestone within the first month.

· This morning, I was a guest on another podcast talking about the coronavirus and our podcast. We will let you know when the interview is up, but until then, check out “Brian talks to Humans”. His podcast is incredibly laid back and pleasant to listen to. I have listened to several episodes leading up to the interview. Check it out using this link:

So, needless to say, in the last month I have reached out of my comfort zone and I am happy to say that looking back on the past month, there isn’t a thing that I would do differently. There were a lot of firsts this past month that had me incredibly nervous. The first blog post, launch day of the podcast, my first guest appearance…all of these had me incredibly nervous.

To all of you creators out there, whether you are a sketch artist, painter, writer, podcaster, please, take a step outside of your comfort zones. There are many resources out there that help and support artists. Especially in the podcasting world, there are so many groups who support and keep you moving forward. Find a group like that, even if it’s a group of friends who will tell you are fantastic and encourage you not to give up.

Because I am here to tell you, you are talented, and amazing, and fantastic…

…and your art deserves to be seen.

I have been incredibly blessed this past month, and we at Dice Drop would like to thank our listeners, and I would like to thank my readers for making this possible. We have more episodes coming your way every Friday at 1 PM EST. If you have any suggestions on subjects or projects you would like to see myself or the Dice Drop cast to take on, let us know in the comments down below. We are working on a few projects already, but we want to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned this Friday for Episode 4 of Dice Drop: Evolution: “Panic! At The Disco (Part 2)". You don’t want to miss the conclusion to the episode that began this past Friday.

And of course, I will be back on Friday with your weekly update before Monday’s DM Notes.

Thank you, guys, for reading and listening, and stay safe. Here is the fantastic first month, and many more to come.

Your Dungeon Master,


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