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DM Notes: "Enemy of the State"

Hey Dice Droppers,

This is a late DM Notes, I know. Life happens, we keep going. Due to the lack of a Monday post, DM Notes this week will be done today. Friday will still be our weekly update to coincide the launch of Episode 6 “Risky Business”.

However, before Friday’s post, there are a few items that I wanted to address that have happened since my post on Saturday and today:

First, we passed our one-month anniversary for Dice Drop: Evolution. It seems unreal that our little podcast has already been on the air for a month. We are happy with the reception we have seen with our audience beginning to grow and our little project is starting to thrive. We have more amazing content in store for you guys for Month two, starting with the start of a weekly Throwback Thursday post on YouTube. This coming Friday episode 6 of Dice Drop: Evolution goes live. Also, in the next month we are working on a couple other projects that may launch in the month of June. And, of course, DM Notes will continue.

Second, the podcast not only hit one milestone this week, but two. This week Dice Drop: Evolution has been downloaded more than 100 times. That’s right! We are in the triple digits! We cannot thank you guys enough for the support and we will have more content for you in the future to enjoy!

Now that our announcements are out of the way I can get to what you guys came here for! As always guys, I will do my best to avoid spoilers for the episode, but I would recommend checking out the episode in question by clicking on the “Episodes” tab at the top of the page.

Enemy of the State

Episode five of Dice Drop sees our heroes coming back from a semi-successful mission only to find out that they must go on another impromptu mission to rescue on of their own. This time, they are on a mission on their own with no support from Blink like they had in the club. Also, they are sneaking into a highly secure building and have to find a way in while finding their missing teammates.

Those of you expecting a cool-down episode after “Panic! At the Disco” I apologize, but you are going to have to wait a little longer. However, this episode may not be entirely action-packed, I did want the tension hanging in the air of them in enemy territory. This is a slow episode as you see the team sneaking into Astoria Cyber Technologies.

This episode does serve as two episodes in one (especially considering it is a bit longer than our usual episodes). You do get a bit of the cool-down that is needed after the action-packed episode. However, that peace is short-lived as the heroes overhear a conversation between Blink and Data that reveals that Hood and Shade are stuck on their mission. Hood having been captured, and Shade pinned down. This episode also acts to set up the higher-stakes action of the following episodes.

This episode also serves to show off Oswald’s abilities on missions as well. PATD didn’t do much to show off Oswald’s powers, except show off his natural combat capabilities. This episode, being more stealth based, was the perfect opportunity for Oswald to use his abilities and discover what he can do with them. Of course, you do get plenty of shield-bashing action that was one of the highlights of the previous episode.

So, with that guys, we will be back on Friday with Episode 6 of Dice Drop: Evolution. Be sure to tune in for the latest episode and check back here on Friday for the next post of DM Notes. DM Notes will be back on it’s usual day on Monday next week. Friday we will give you guys the weekly update.

If there is anything you guys want to see on Wednesday’s post, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know. Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the episode was, or any theories you have for the upcoming episodes.

Thank you guys for reading, and stay safe.

Your Dungeon Master,


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