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1 Month! 10 Episodes! 100 Downloads! Oh My!

Hey Dice Droppers,

Episode 6 of Dice Drop: Evolution is out now! Our heroes continue their mission to infiltrate Astoria Cyber Technology and rescue their allies. With one of their Allies already recovered, our heroes must find the captured one and escape before security finds them in “Risky Business”. Check out our latest episode now by clicking the “Episodes” Tab at the top of the page, or on your favorite podcast directory.

So, now that the ad for the podcast is out of the way, now on to the weekly update!

As I stated in the previous post, we have hit a number of milestones this week.

First, we have been posting our podcast for a month. Sunday marked the monthiversary of our podcast and we are so thrilled to have passed this hurdle.

Second, we passed the 100 downloads mark. We are in the triple digits which is a major milestone for any podcast.

And, last but not least, we passed a third milestone this afternoon. Although “Risky Business” is marked as Episode 6, including our Episode 0’s and the Preface episode, this afternoon we launched our tenth episode of Dice Drop.

Three major milestones, in one week. We are so thrilled to have made it this far. We are looking forward to the next month and looking to crossing more milestones in the future. We are also coming close to launching a couple new projects. We just launched this past week our throwback Thursday on YouTube where you can relive our favorite moments from the podcast. We are looking at a June release for one or two of our projects so stay tuned for that.

For more news and updates on our podcast and other projects, check out our social media pages by clicking the links at the top of the page.

Thank you guys for reading and stay safe!

Your Dungeon Master,


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