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The Heroes of Eden

Hey Dice Droppers,

Your friendly neighborhood DM here again to bring you guys some information on the PCs in the upcoming comic-based podcast: Dice Drop! We are so excited for the launch on Friday and I hope you guys are as well. So, for this post and the next, I will be giving you a look at the main characters of Dice Drop: Evolution.

Today I will be giving you an overview of the PCs, along with a look at each character’s trailer we have been posting on Facebook and YouTube the past few weeks. Stay tuned on our YouTube Channel for our launch trailer coming tomorrow afternoon.

But, back to business. You guys have had an overview of Eden both past and present. Now, I am happy to give you guys a look at the main characters of Dice Drop: Evolution.

River – Played by Allie

Meet River. She is a wild and free cyber goth that runs around the underbelly of Eden without a care in the world. She is an automobile junkie, but doesn’t like to have it front and center due to bad past experiences. She will 100% ask for your last cigarette, and run away if she pisses you off.

Oswald – Played by Kyle

Meet Oswald, a freelance contract worker and gamer living on his own with his two pets, a water dragon Jira and a rosy boa Pearl. He doesn't like people and tends to keep to himself, but when he accepts a research job, he may have just found himself in a spiral he didn't expect.

Remi – Played by Elena

Meet Remi! She's a sassy southern belle raised in the upper district of Eden. Raised by two scientists, this southern belle has beauty, brains, and maybe something else tucked under sleeve. When she comes home on break from University, Remi is expecting a peaceful visit with family. Little does she know, her world is about to be turned on its head.

I know, it’s not much to go on guys. I apologize, but with these brief overviews, these characters each have a dedicated episode you can check out on Friday. Be sure to tune in on Friday at 1:00 PM EST to meet the characters fully as they all have their lives turned on their heads. Be sure to come back to the blog on Wednesday for your first look at the main Non-Player Characters who the players will be interacting with.

We look forward to seeing you guys on Friday and be safe.

Your Dungeon Master,


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