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Meet the NPCs

Hey Dice Droppers,

We are only two days out from the launch of Dice Drop: Evolution! As we make the final adjustments and preparations for launch, I am still here to give you guys some lore on the world that you will be sinking into come Friday.

In the past week-and-a-half, we have looked at the history of Eden as well as the main characters of Dice Drop. However, there are some characters making their debut on Friday that I believe deserve some acknowledgement as well. Those are the primary Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that the Player Characters will be interacting with.


Hood, a low-born hood rat, is the leader of the warehouse gang as you meet them in the opening episodes of Dice Drop. While his people skills are not the greatest, his skill with a bow and his enhanced senses make his skillset invaluable. Out of the four members of the warehouse gang, Hood is known to keep his cool under pressure, but also has the shortest fuse if you mess with those he cares deeply for. Before he was picked up by Professor Augustus Lancaster, he was a volunteer lab rat for Astoria Cyber Technologies. ACT tested and enhanced, cybernetic implanted into his eye socket.


Shade, also a low-born, may look like the goth chick she wants so desperately the emulate, but deep down she is kind, smart, and easily the most empathetic of the group, if not a lacking a functional moral compass. Shade has no problem stealing items as they need them to the disapproving eye of the Professor who gave her a family. Found initially by Hood, Shade developed a deep bond with the archer and putting the two together is usually the key to success.


Though he hates the codename chosen for him, Blink has no problem going by it on missions. Blink is the oldest of the gang, and tends to become the father-figure when Professor isn’t around. Blink is single-handedly responsible for ensuring the health of the rest of the team. He is also warm and welcoming to newcomers, quick to offer them a place to rest and breakfast in the morning. Blink is also no slacker in field. A crack-shot from afar, Blink can close distance if needed with use of his limited teleportation ability and rivals Hood in close combat.


Not much is known about Data’s past, despite knowing the history of everyone on the team. The Professor discovered Data on the college campus, having skipped through grade-school. Data kept to himself. When the Professor discovered a hacker on campus, he found Data and his mutation fascinating. Instead of prosecuting Data for hacking, he offered him a safe home and a place he can learn and be part of a family. The team tends to look out for Data, who would stay in his room for days on end gathering intelligence on the city of Eden.

Well, guys, this is the final post before launch on Friday. We are very excited to bring you the opening chapters of Dice Drop: Evolution as well as what is coming in the next few weeks on the podcast. For news on the Podcast, and other projects we are working on, be sure to click the links at the top of the page to check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels.

Your Dungeon Master,


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