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Five Episodes Strong

Hey Dice Droppers,

I apologize that this post is a day late, but Episode 5 of Dice Drop: Evolution is live! Check out our heroes as they head into Astoria Cyber Technologies. Their mission? To save their newfound allies as they are captured and pinned down in the building. Check out “Enemy of the State” on most podcast directories or check it out under the “Episodes” tab at the top of this page.

With the one-month anniversary of the Podcast coming up tomorrow, we want to hear from you guys! What has been your favorite part of the podcast so far? Who is your favorite character? What would you guys like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments section here or wherever you are listening to Dice Drop.

We are happy that our podcast has seen as wonderful of a response this past month as it has, and we want to interact with the audience as much as possible in the future. We are working on other projects to broaden our range and grow our channels as much as possible. We as gamers and artists have many interests that we would like to explore. If there is anything you would like to see our little group try, let us know! We would love any feedback you have.

So, guys, even though it is a day early, thank you guys for listening for the past month. We will keep you guys in the loop as our projects get closer to release. For news and announcements, check out our social media pages, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks for reading guys and stay safe.

Your Dungeon Master,


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