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Eden: A History

Hello Dice Droppers,

We are now less than ten days from launch, and, as promised on Monday, I will be giving you a look into the history of Eden. From the Last Great War that decimated the planet, to the formation of the paradise cities, to the development to the great cities of what you will be exploring with us beginning April 17th.

So, without further ado…

Leading to the Great War

It was the year 2020, tensions were high across the globe. Threats of nuclear attacks came from all sides. Alliances were formed. Lines were drawn. Who would be the first to issue the strike order?

Records are not clear as to who fired the first shot, but in the early days of 2021, the first missiles were launched, devastating much of North America and southern Asia. The United States were left without a capital as the first missile struck Washington D.C. and laid waste to much of the eastern seaboard. Hong Kong fell to ruin within hours. Buildings fell to the streets.

Millions of casualties in the first hours.

The Last Great War

Days pass as countries struggle to rally to fight. The United States set up command in upstate New York. In the wake of the first missiles fired, countries chose sides. It was a new world war, one with devastating consequences at the end. Battles begin to wage over Asia and North America. Within months, fighting extends to Europe.

The War lasted only a year, but by the end, the major cities across the world had fallen. The few cities that remained standing were affected by the radiation in unforeseen ways. Radiation sickness was a major concern for the remnants of humanity. As the treaties were signed, scientists from around the world united to address the radiation problem.

The United Cities

A council was formed, based in Switzerland, to address the aftermath of the Great War. The coming months, while diplomats of the remnant countries discussed the rebuilding efforts. Meanwhile, scientists were developing a cure for radiation poisoning.

Each member of the council agreed to rebuild the great cities around the world in areas mostly unaffected by radiation. The ambassador from the United States working with a council of his own, started construction of a city in what used to be Kansas. Working with a council of scientists and architects, they worked to construct what they believed to be a paradise. They named their city “Eden” after the paradise God had created for humanity. It was to be a place of refuge from the outer world. A place where people could live in peace. They walled off a section of the wasteland, where they would build their city. They sent out a call for the remnants of the North American population to come to Eden and aid in the rebuilding efforts.

Within months, people searching for refuge came to Eden and construction began.

The Rise of Mutants

For the next fifty years, the city of Eden is built from the ground up. Agriculture is booming. Skyscrapers rise. A new technological age is brought through the scientists and architects who helped build the city. As the buildings grow taller, the need for air-based travel becomes apparent. Speeders and hovercars become more prevalent in the upper districts.

The outer districts became the hub for technological advancement and farmland, being far enough away from the city that people could focus. They were almost peaceful, but while many worked out in the districts, very few aside from the owners of the farms lived out there.

The lower portions of the city were devoted to housing, being closer to the ground where land-based vehicles were still a primary means of travel due to their low building cost.

As the city began to build upwards, the next district, constructed primarily through balconies and walkways were devoted to shopping and entertainment. Many businesses rose from the lower districts to the middle districts due to the better atmosphere further from the ground. Soon, housing was built in the middle districts for business owners to live within walking distance of their shops.

As the city grow taller, the upper districts were devoted to the governing bodies, scientists who moved their labs from the outer districts, and key people in the community. Eventually, the upper districts were home to beautiful penthouses and estates orbiting the city in new hover technologies.

However, as time passed and Radiation still spread due to the war, people began to changes. Doctors and Scientists began to discover children were being born with strange abnormalities caused by the radiation. And as more time passed, they discovered the vaccine created fifty-years prior, was no longer working. In fact, it was causing cells to mutate further. In the lower districts, people began to change, growing grotesque tumors and mutating their minds. They became dangerous, uncontrollable monsters.

Those working the fields were forced to move up to the middle districts due to the mutant threat. For years, the governing council tried to stem the mutant threat, sending teams down to control and neutralize the threat while scientists worked on a cure for the mutations. They found that everything they tried only mutated the cells further. There seemed to be no way to stem the mutant threat.

The lower districts were all but abandoned for decades as war waged against the mutants. Finally, the war seemed to be turning to the side of the citizens of Eden as less super-mutants were being created and who remained were either driven out of the city or underground. In time, the lower districts were reopened to the public, at their own peril.

However, mutants weren’t coming less often, just less apparent mutations began to form. Teenagers were shown blow up cars for no reason, and when questioned, they had no explanation. Others began to levitate from the ground or exhibit extraordinary talents.

Due to the war against the now-called super-mutants, these new mutants were feared. The governing council had to take action to avoid a panic from the citizens who grew up learning that mutants were a threat and must be dealt with. Those that displayed extraordinary powers were captured and eventually killed after tests on their cells proved no results toward a cure. Mutants were now born outlaws.

To be continued in Part 2

Well guys, let me know what you guys think of the history of Eden on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and of course right here on the Website. Part 2 of the the History of Eden where I will explain more about the government, the economy and the response to the mutant threat will be coming on Friday.

And of course, you can see the city of Eden in action on April 17th with the launch of Dice Drop: Evolution!

Your Dungeon Master,


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