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DM Notes: "The Breakfast Club"

Hey Dice Droppers,

Another week, another episode. “The Breakfast Club” had a great weekend so let us keep it going until the next episode drops on Friday! Be sure to check out our latest episodes or get caught up on your favorite streaming platforms. Also, if there are any platforms that you would like to see Dice Drop on, let us know in the comments and we will work on putting it on there.

Also, this is the mark of the first ten posts on this blog. This started as a crazy idea and a writing exercise for me. It is also a way for me, as the Dungeon Master of Dice Drop to connect with the audience and let you guys know the process of setting up a podcast and a tabletop campaign. I must say I am enjoying having this platform and thank you guys for your support.

So, let's get to what you guys all came here for.

The Breakfast Club

This was the first episode of the first real arc of the series. I had two goals going into the episode:

1) Set up the family dynamic between the Warehouse Gang members and delve further into their personalities, and

2) Set up the next few episodes.

How well did I do?

Goal #1: Family

Hood, Shade, Blink, and Data have been together for a LONG time. How do you show that off naturally? Have them interact like they have been together for a long time. I wanted to show them naturally in their habitat with their morning routines established. Hood: Early morning training with his bow before breakfast.

Blink: Making breakfast for the new members early to show his hospitality.

Shade: Sleeping in and desperately needing coffee in the morning.

Data: Did not sleep and had to be dragged out of his room for breakfast.

Completely improvised was the scene of Rodney breaking into Shade’s room to grab clothes as if this were something he would normally do for people. Shade being a tired bitch toward Rodney and everyone after being rudely woken up. Hood, coming out of the training area shirtless as if this were normal before realizing there were people who were not used to this sight. Data tiredly catching a biscuit from that seemingly came from heaven and tiredly eating it without a care in the world.

All these scenes were just the characters reacting to their surroundings, allowing me to establish their personalities. The breakfast scene was not going to last that long, but we were having such a fun time that it just kept going and riffing off each other. What was supposed to be a concise scene became a humorous and heart-warming scene before the more dramatic episodes to come.

Goal #2: Set up

There were several lines that set up the next few episodes. The biggest scene that set up the next few episodes was, of course, the planning scene led by Hood that gave our heroes their first assignment. It also set up what Hood and Shade would be doing behind the scenes of the next couple of episodes.

The second big scene was Hood’s training session. Hood took on the duty of training our heroes in the stead of Professor Lancaster who is currently missing-in-action. Needless to say, Hood is an asshole about it and does not know the first thing about training people. Though the scene does culminate in a nice scene between Hood and River.


So, guys, what did you think about “The Breakfast Club”? If you have not seen it yet, check it out by using the ‘Episodes’ tab at the top of the page. You can also catch up on the episode zeroes and episode one there as well. Let us know in the comments what your favorite part of the new episode was or who your favorite character is so far. I am interested to see what you guys think.

Thank you for your support so far and look forward to Episode 3: “Panic! At the Disco Part 1” coming Friday.

Your Dungeon Master,


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