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DM Notes: "Minor Threat"

Hey Dice Droppers,

So, we are back again on another Monday with a new episode for me to share my thoughts on. I want to apologize as I have not been as active in the past few weeks on here, including missing the Wednesday and Friday posts last week. I am working to get back on track as the pandemic shutdown is coming to a close across the US, we at Dice Drop are working on keeping a regular schedule as well as trying to keep to our regular schedule as well as launching new projects we have been working on.

We are keeping with a regular schedule for the Podcast, not to worry, as of right now there is no changes to the schedule of Dice Drop. We are still consistently posting on Fridays at 1PM EST. I will also continue posting DM Notes on Mondays, and I will get back to the Wednesday and Friday posting schedule as soon as possible.

For further updates, check back here or on our social media pages using the links at the top of the page.

Also, as always, this post is going to contain spoilers for the most recent episode of Dice Drop: Evolution. If you have not listened to the most recent episode, please do so by clicking on the episodes tab at the top of the page.

Minor Threat

With this episode, it concludes the three episode mini-arc that I am personally calling “The Rescue from Astoria”. This episode is technically the second half of the session that began with “Risky Business”. While the last episode was tense, this episode shows our heroes trying to find a way to escape from the rooftop of a skyscraper.

This episode is also the proper introduction to a major player in the upcoming story arcs: Jeanette Astoria. Jeanette, as we learn in this episode, is the third seat of the council that runs the city, so she has the power of the government on her side. She has the technology and money from being the CEO of Astoria Cyber Technologies. She is also smart and clever as well, a brilliant strategist in her own right. As we also learn in this episode, Jeanette has a connection to both Hood and Remi.

To Hood, Jeanette was the woman who experimented on him and installed the implant into his eye. She is essentially his worst nightmare come to fruition. She is his demon in the closet.

To Remi, Jeanette is an old friend and rival of her father’s. Jeanette and Augustus once worked together at Astoria when they were younger. Augustus had since left Astoria to pursue his own interests with his wife. Perhaps there is more history between Jeanette and Augustus? We will find out in later episodes…

While this episode primarily focuses on the rooftop fight, there is one part that makes this fight different from those we have seen so far. This is the first time you see Hood and Shade fight. You see them out in the field in the Episode Zeroes. You get a sense for Hood’s scarily accurate Bow fire. Also, you get to see how Shade fights dirty both with her ability and her fighting style.

This episode, you also see Oswald using his ability to aid him a bit in combat using the bike. You see Oswald and River take control of the fight using the hoverbikes they managed to control. You also see Remi a bit more confident in her abilities as she tries to take a bike but falls a bit short of controlling the bike. She comes remarkably close to dying a few times in this fight. This fight shows our heroes a lot more comfortable with their abilities and the concept of combat as the stakes continue to rise.

Now, while they are a lot more confident in their combat abilities, there is a lot that happens during this mini-arc that is going to come out in the next episode.

So, what did you think of this week’s episode? What was your favorite part? Is there a part you would like me to talk about? Leave me a comment! I would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode!

Be sure to check out our social media pages for more coming from Dice Drop using the links at the top of the page.

Thanks for reading, and, as always, stay safe!

Your Dungeon Master,


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